Gärtnerei Zulauf

Schweizer Garten im Juni – mit Garten & Gärtnerei

I am very proud to appear in the premier Swiss gardening magazine twice this month! With a portrait of my garden by Lioba Schneemann and with my portrait of Mr Zulauf, the owner of the Zulauf Garden Centers – in their fourth generation!

I am also delighted to say that you can see all my portraits in „real“ in my exhibition from the 16th June at Schöni Sache. You can also experience my garden with all your senses that same weekend. Its the „open garden“ weekend and the „open sudios“ on Sunday in Arisdorf.

Saturday, 16th June: 2-5pm Exhibition of Schweizer Garten portraits & garden pictures & open garden (cake and tea will be served in the garden)

Sunday, 17th June: 10am – 6pm Exhibition of portraits & garden pictures, open garden, coffee truck Furgo, AND „open studios in Arisdorf“ – you can visit two other artists living and working here on this day. If you are unsure where to find them, join the group walk from Schöni Sache to Elena Lichtsteiner to Christiane Haefelin at 3pm.

Look at my „Events“ post for more information.

Gartenstil: Zulauf