Self-service shop in our carport

As shops are still closed I have been allowed to set up a small self-service shop in our carport selling the home-made jams and cordials from Rosemary (made in Arisdorf), soaps, tea-towels and of course my greetings cards.

I have checked it with the Baselland Crisis Services so please come and browse – but only one person at a time!

In the shop I now have the Refished products – a company set up by the lovely Sissi in Vienna selling beautiful handmade bags made of up cycled fish-food or cement sacks in Cambodia. If you would like the super cool rucksack or a new purse, just give me a call or email me and I will deliver it (Sissach – Liestal – Rheinfelden FREE) or put it in the post for you!
All the products are on my website.

sibylle@schoeni-sache.ch | 079 820 7842

Refished Business Bag Fr. 58

Refished Rucksack Fr. 94

Refished: Soulmate Bag Fr. 73