Exhibition “Fascinating Land” in Zurich, opening night: 15th December

I am happy to be have been selected for the exhibition of the mobile art projekt “Vielfaeltig-Produzentengalerie” in the Gallery 111 Zurich.

Our exhibition “Fascinating Land” has several surprises in store for you.

The “Postcard Festival” will also be represented in the Gallery 111.
Work in the spheres of graphic art, photography, sculpture, mixed media and painting were allowed.

Exhibition from 15th December – 22nd December 2018
Opening night 15.12.2018 from 5pm with drinks
The opening speech will be given by the art historian Annina Pandiani.

Opening hours:
Thursday 16.00 – 18.00
Friday  14.00 – 16.00
Saturday  14.00 – 18.00
Galerie 111
8003 Zurich
Zweierstrasse 111

The artists Esther Tschudin, Veronika Übersax, Alexandra Carp, Kerstin Heinze-Grohmann, Marie Pierre-Gabath, Sibylle Laubscher, Shaun Dziedzic, Katharina Guggenbühl, Verena Bühler, Mariann Blaser and Marcel Bernet look forward to meeting you.


Exhibition “Kunst fürs Herz” in Liestal

The exhibition “Kunst fürs Herz – Malerei macht Werte sichtbar” (art makes values visible) runs from 23rd November – 8th December in the Hanro Areal, Liestal. I am part of it with my painting “Dancing Maria”.




Vishal & Rajnish Mishra

Indian Raga Concert in Arisdorf

A wonderful concert – I just had to dash home to collect my painting equipment and try to capture the music on paper…. with musicians (7th generation) Vishal and Rajnish Mishra.


Exhibition Opening “Memories of Summer” from this Friday

Schöni Sache celebrates the new paintings I worked on this summer, Christmas and simply “beautiful things” for winter and the feastive season this weekend:
Friday, 16th November 10-12am & 2-6pm
Saturday, 17th November 2-6pm
Sunday, 18th November 2-6pm

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere, a glass of bubbly and a home-made cookie….



Nischenmarkt Sissach, 9. & 10. November

20 artists, mostly from the region, are delighted to present their work at the Nischenmarkt “Niche Market” in Sissach.

For the fifth time, you have the opportunity of acquiring work from well-known and new artists. These unique pieces are on offer for sensational prices, not exceeding Fr. 300.– per work.

I am also taking part this year and will be showing my newest ballet sketches, painted during the ballet classes held at the BBL in Liestal. Capturing movement and light these pictures are highly collectable.

In addition I have put together a collection of greetings cards and postcards for all occasions – and of course for Christmas.

I look forward to welcoming you to my stall!



artESB opening today Friday, 5th October from 6pm

This evening, 6-9pm is the opening night of the art exhibition hosted by the Eingliederungsstätte Baselland: „Vielfalt in der Kunstwelt“. When I dropped off my paintings I was able to enjoy a quick sneak preview and also look at the specially published catalog. I left very excited about seeing it all again tonight and am delighted to recommend it to you!

Fricktaler Highland Games

4. Fricktaler Highlandgames

I decided to give myself a new artistic challenge on Sunday, and attended the Highlandgames in Wallbach to try and capture some of the events on paper. Having painted ballet dancers moving for about 5 years now, I thought some heavy duty male action would be an interesting antidote. However, how does one capture WEIGHT in a painting? I can do lightness of foot, music, but HEAVY was a new one. Here are some of the results (of course, should you wish to buy one, they are all on sale and I would be delighted to give a painting a happy home)

 Travelling artist…