Art exhibition “close to you, close to me”

with Sibylle Lauscher, Inés Mantel, Jane Wotzka and Irène Hänni

Opening night: Saturday, 19th September 2020 6-8pm

The topic implies a moment of utmost concentration. These moments happen when somebody is totally absorbed in themselves and their work, or when a beholder encounters a piece of art that moves and fascinates them. Or a small child playing with their favourite toy. This title also implies being “in good hands” – held by yourself or someone else. This is a condition artists regularly experience while they work. It is very enriching. Therefore we, the artists, wish that you also encounter these special moments when you visit our exhibition.

We very much look forward to welcoming you!

Dates: 19th September – 6th October 2020

Monday, 21st and 28th September as well as 5th October | 2 – 4pm
Tuesday, 22nd and 29th September as well as 6th October | 11am – 4pm
Saturday, 26th September and 3rd October | 11am – 4pm
Sunday, 20th and 27th September as well as 4th October | 11am – 4pm

We ask you to respect social distancing regulations and bring a face mask with you. It is a generous proportioned room, therefore we feel sure we can comply with health and safety regulations.

Atelier R6
Räbengasse 6
6422 Steinen