Der Heilige Gral

Why we need Art…

Every human has within him creative capabilities and is dependent on these for survival. These artistic capabilities give man the opportunity to create form. We continually need to create balance in our lives – and ability to do this is a creativity. These forms refer to life forms. These capabilities however, do not make everyone an artist. Art is a craft and requires training. One is an artist when, based on this training, one is able to create works of art.

Man establishes the realm of form in the middle between the realm of the senses and the realm of reason. This is how we create order within chaos. Art is made for people buy people. Therefore in its very essence there is something intrinsically human. This is the measure. If we loose this measure (Protagoras: Man is the measure of all things), then it becomes arbitrary: this is the end of art.
Quote translated by me from Master Martin Rabe

Where spiritual man does not reside, there can be no Art…there are also aesthetic criteria for discussing Art…for more information about Art please subscribe to my newsletter. Therein is a column “Zum Nachdenken…über Kunst” in German.