Gärtnerei Zulauf

“Schweizer Garten” in June – including my garden and a garden center

I am very proud to appear in the premier Swiss gardening magazine twice this month! With a portrait of my garden by Lioba Schneemann and with my portrait of Mr Zulauf, the owner of the Zulauf Garden Centers – in their fourth generation!

I am also delighted to say that you can see all my portraits in “real” in my exhibition from the 16th June at Schöni Sache. You can also experience my garden with all your senses that same weekend. Its the “open garden” weekend and the “open sudios” on Sunday in Arisdorf.

Saturday, 16th June: 2-5pm Exhibition of Schweizer Garten portraits & garden pictures & open garden (cake and tea will be served in the garden)

Sunday, 17th June: 10am – 6pm Exhibition of portraits & garden pictures, open garden, coffee truck Furgo, AND “open studios in Arisdorf” – you can visit two other artists living and working here on this day. If you are unsure where to find them, join the group walk from Schöni Sache to Elena Lichtsteiner to Christiane Haefelin at 3pm.

Look at my “Events” post for more information.

Gartenstil: Zulauf 


Artistic Adventures in Venice

I had a wonderful week in Venice, and several artistic adventures. Firstly I was painting San Marco at 8am to avoid the crowds when who else should be there but Gino D’Acampo. As a British TV personality, chef, restaurant owner he was being filmed for his new programme on ITV in October. I did a quick sketch of him – and he signed it and bought it – its going to be shown in one of his programs (with me painting!) and the picture sold for charity!
Then having survived painting near the Rialto – too many tourists! – I was asked to paint a seminar at the Venice International University – a real challenge! But how wonderful to meet these interesting people and try to paint them.
I’m now going to try to paint a mush-up of all my Venice impressions in oil on canvas – wish me luck!

Der Garten im Sommer von Sibylle Laubscher

16th & 17th June Open Garden with Painting Exhibition

The open garden weekend is particularly special this year: Schöni Sache will be hosting an open garden with an exhibition of paintings created exclusively for the “Schweizer Garten” magazine and published monthly this year as “Gartenstil”.

This is an unique opportunity not only to relax in a pretty garden (portrayed in the June 18 issue of “Schweizer Garten”), but also be inspired by artwork of gardens and flowers. The paintings can be purchased and you can continue enjoying your favourite in the comfort of your own home! There are also a large selection of greetings cards with pictures of flowers and gardens available.

The Furgo Truck (built 1967) will be selling freshly brewed real Italian coffee in front of Schöni Sache on Sunday.
Home made cake will be available in Schöni Sache of round off your day.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Saturday, 16th June, 2-5pm
Sunday, 17th June, 10am – 6pm


Dogrose & “Garden Lolly” von Sibylle Laubscher

Das Pavilion

David Austen Rose “Alan Titchmarsh” und Skulptur von Michaela Poglajen