Interview & Portrait in Schweizer Garten February issue: Tropenhaus Basel


I had a very pleasant, warm and somewhat damp morning in Basel’s tropical rain forest – run by Bruno Erny for Basel University. This enormous greenhouse is going to be pulled down this year as it is a typical 1960s construction and no longer works as well as it should – as the resident basilisk found out to his cost one night. The plants are also looking forward to the new building, which will however take a while before completion.


Schöni Sache closed for refurbishment

I am proud to announce I am finally taking another important step towards establishing my artistic business: Schöni Sache is going to be reborn as an art gallery showcasing my work! A “small is beautiful” museum shop – who doesn’t love a museum shop – selling my greetings cards and other lovely items will compliment the new gallery. I look forward to following my dream as an artist, presenting my work properly and continuing along the path of exciting artistic endeavours. Schöni Sache will be open again in early spring.

greetings cards by Sibylle