Sommerträume: 300 Postkarten Unikate – 60 Künstlerinnen, Galerie Amarte, Aarau

Sommerträume… von 17. – 25. August 2018 in Aarau

Über 60 Künstlerinnen beteiligen sich mit kleinformatigen Kunstwerken 21x15cm an diesem Projekt. Diese Bilder werden zum Einheitspreis von Fr. 50.- angeboten und können auch online unter erworben werden. Der Ertrag vom Verkauf fliesst in die Kasse der neuen SGBK, Sekt. Zürich.

SGBK Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen


Impressions of Little Newcastle, Ilfracombe and Lundy

It was a perfect British summer holiday…. with plenty of sun and some water! Very relaxing and wonderful to stay on a former pirate’s island – in fact the pirate theme carried us through – Little Newcastle in Wales was the home of Black Beard and Lundy saw several pirate lords making it their home – and paying the price.

Washing drying in Wales


Painting in a light house was a new experience – and very hot!!


Fishguard Arts Society Summer Exhibition

It was wonderful to be able to take part in this exhibition with my mother – and see the creativity active and painting in Pembrokeshire, Wales! Meeting other artists – I shared a wall with Ilona Bayley David and fell in love with the sculpture by Rosmarie Barr.

My mother, Elisabeth Wehren with her work (blue and yellow painting to her left)

Fishguard Arts Society President Gaynor McMorrin with Peter Lord, art historian and writer



Schweizer Garten im Juil – mit Schirm, Charme und Max

The weekend of „open garden“ and „open studio“ showing all the paintings for Schweizer Garten was a great success. I sold several, and those I still have will be on show until at least September.
For the July issue I had the pleasure of interviewing Fränzi in her beautiful garden – with her wonderful parasol collection. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the garden dozing under a shady parasol – what could be nicer? I had fun painting her reclining on a day-bed under her immense straw parasol – the birds have also discovered its advantages and are now using the straw to build their nests, noticeably reducing its rain proofing.

Mit Schirm, Charme und Max



Schweizer Garten im Juni – mit Garten & Gärtnerei

I am very proud to appear in the premier Swiss gardening magazine twice this month! With a portrait of my garden by Lioba Schneemann and with my portrait of Mr Zulauf, the owner of the Zulauf Garden Centers – in their fourth generation!

I am also delighted to say that you can see all my portraits in „real“ in my exhibition from the 16th June at Schöni Sache. You can also experience my garden with all your senses that same weekend. Its the „open garden“ weekend and the „open sudios“ on Sunday in Arisdorf.

Saturday, 16th June: 2-5pm Exhibition of Schweizer Garten portraits & garden pictures & open garden (cake and tea will be served in the garden)

Sunday, 17th June: 10am – 6pm Exhibition of portraits & garden pictures, open garden, coffee truck Furgo, AND „open studios in Arisdorf“ – you can visit two other artists living and working here on this day. If you are unsure where to find them, join the group walk from Schöni Sache to Elena Lichtsteiner to Christiane Haefelin at 3pm.

Look at my „Events“ post for more information.

Gartenstil: Zulauf 


Artistic Adventures in Venice

I had a wonderful week in Venice, and several artistic adventures. Firstly I was painting San Marco at 8am to avoid the crowds when who else should be there but Gino D’Acampo. As a British TV personality, chef, restaurant owner he was being filmed for his new programme on ITV in October. I did a quick sketch of him – and he signed it and bought it – its going to be shown in one of his programs (with me painting!) and the picture sold for charity!
Then having survived painting near the Rialto – too many tourists! – I was asked to paint a seminar at the Venice International University – a real challenge! But how wonderful to meet these interesting people and try to paint them.
I’m now going to try to paint a mush-up of all my Venice impressions in oil on canvas – wish me luck!


Swiss clown Gardi Hutter interview in Schweizer Garten, April

My interview with Gardi Hutter is out now – in the current, April, issue of Schweizer Garten. Here you can see all the paintings and pictures taken/painted in her „Klostergarten“ (walled or monastry garden) – as well as the finished portrait of Gardi. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed meeting her!

Gardi’s tortoises are surprisingly speedy when you want to paint them!

45_read the whole article here (in German)

Tessin at night